32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars
Today I am joining Sarah & Erin for a fun link up // 32 Things That Make Me Happy!
1. A rainy day with nothing to do.
2. A perfect beach day.
4. Ginger Ale
5. The feeling after hot yoga
6. A mani/pedi
7. Clean sheets & a made bed
8. Sleep
9. Puppies
11. A fresh cut, dye & blow dry
12. Sales
13. Candles
14. My iPhone [somedays]
15. Love ❤
16. Taco Tuesday
17. A yummy detox water [P.S – I added frozen berries to this water & it is AMAZE]
18. A full tank of gas
19. Wine [Ecco Domani, specifically]
20. Date Night
21. Family Night
22.Girls Night
23. To Do List’s
24. Yoga Pants
25. Tax Refunds $$
26. Pencils [I will always choose pencils over pens]
27. Domino’s pizza tracker
28. The Boston Red Sox #BostonStrong
29. The day I met Lisa Hochstein from RHOM – and yes, she is just as flawless in person.

 30. When my handwriting looks exactly how I want it to look [OCD, much?]

31. COFFEE – how could I almost forget?!

32. YOU for reading this 🙂

Did you join the  Link Up? What are things that make you happy?


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4 thoughts on “32 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I always choose pencils over pens. This is an awesome list and sounds like another version of me, if you lived in the Cleveland area we would be besties. I mean I guess we can still be blog besties.

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