Beauty Review: Beauty Society Skin Care

Woo-hoo for my 1st Beauty Review!

I like to consider myself a product junkie. Whenever I see the newest thing in a magazine or online, I am on the way to the store buying it. Did I need it? No. Will I use it? Not always. But I have to have it. So when Beauty Society followed me on Twitter, I had to know what it was all about. A few days later, Beauty Society was at my doorstep.


Taaaa-daaaa 1620459_1420407431541468_1597261576_n

So lemme break it down for ya


Since this is an all natural product, the smell isn’t daisies and sunflowers. It resembles more of a Tea Tree Oil, and since I’ve used Tea Tree Oil for zits before, it doesn’t bother me. However, don’t be scared by it, it is not a strong scent at all. Out of the 3, this is the only one that actually had a scent to it. So how did I like it? I love it. After the first (and I mean very first time ever) use, I could tell a difference in the texture of my skin. It was soooooo soft. What I love most about this facial cleanser is that the pump pours out just enough for each use. (I tend to use TOO much so this was perfect for me). Also, it doesn’t dry out your skin like most acne products, so that was another bonus! After two weeks of using this cleanser, I noticed not only softer skin, but a MUCH clearer complexion. The old zits were clearing up quicker than usual and my skin tone was starting to become more even.

A+ for this baby.


LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I love exfoliating, and I try to do it as much as often. Because who wants nasty old dead skin cells sitting on your face forever? I sure as hell don’t. Unfortunately, my addiction obsession with exfoliating tends to dry my face out even more when used with harsh cleansers. This little guy is an exception. The itty-bitty-teeny-weeny beads gently scrub off any gross-nasty-dead-things hanging out on your face without drying it out. The recommended use is only 1-2 times per week and to my own shock, I found myself only needing it once a week.



The name says it all. It really does make your complexion immaculate. I must warn you, read the directions before use. Miss Big Shot over here decided to rub this alllllll over her entire face the first time she used it. Yeah, don’t make that mistake. But if you read the directions and only apply to trouble spots – you will fall in love with this serum just as much as I did. Just like the other two, it is not harsh [unless used incorrectly like I did] and it dries up all pimps over night. And just like the wash, the pretty little pump pours out just enough for each use.


So my take? Great line that I definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a new skin care routine. If you suffer from acne like myself, the line I used works great. I would recommend purchasing a moisturizer as well. I didn’t and now I wish I had. Make sure to check them out here. For the hustlers out there, they do offer business opportunities –  CHA – CHING

Have you tried Beauty Society? What line did you try? What’s your take?

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9 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Beauty Society Skin Care

    • Feel free to ask me about any beauty society products. They are ALL wonderful and it is truly amazing the difference you see in just one use. Plus there is no risk with our wonderful return policy (just in case you don’t like the product) which you will 😉 feel free to email me at to set up a skin routine for your skin type!!

  1. I’ve been using beauty society make up for a year and love it. I just started slowly using their facial products. They have a great elite program. And you cant beat the 1 year 100% money back guarantee.

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