26 Things Worse Than April Fool’s Day

Happy April!

I planned on this being a April Must Have’s/Birthday Wishlist post, butttt I never sat down to write it. Whoops.

So naturally, I woke up and panicked because I didn’t have an “April post” for the first day of April! The first of the month is like a bloggers holiday, right? Yeah…well, there went that one.

Until I read 32 Things Worse Than April Fool’s Day.

I couldn’t resist stealing this post (and a few ‘things’) from Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars…partly because I am obsessed with her and think we’d totes be BFF (she just doesn’t know it yet) and partly because I share the same hatred for April Fool’s that she does. [I swear I don’t hate EVERY holiday…just foolish ones like this one…and Valentine’s Day…and Halloween]. I’m not huge on pranking people, only because I don’t like being pranked myself. I think the best prank I ever pulled off was when I was about 8 and my dad convinced me to wake up my brother at the ass crack of dawn to tell him that his tires were slashed. It worked. He jumped out of bed to go check, only to see all four tires in perfect condition. He was pissed and I thought I was a genius. Now that I am about the same age he was, I realize there was a high possibility that he had spent the night before drinking and I can only imagine how angry he was at me.

Sorry bro, I get it now.

So April Fool’s Day sucks, but here is 26 things that could be worse…


[…but really because my birthday is on April 26th ;)]   

1. Tuesdays. Screw Monday, Tuesday takes the cake on being the suckiest day of the week.

2. Voicemails. See below.


3. Same Side Eaters. Yes, I am judging you…both of you.

4. Google +. I tried, I am still trying. I don’t get you and I don’t like you.

5. When this happens:


6. Hangovers. Don’t talk to me. Don’t touch me. Feed me.

7. Cold Showers.

8. When people I follow, don’t follow back. Rude.

 9. Uneven eyeliner. [This goes for eyebrows, too]


 10. Golf. Yawn.

11. Awkward Tan Lines

12. People who don’t watch any or all of Bravo’s Real Housewives. #teamheather #teamyolanda


13. iPhone chargers. RIP to all 15 of mine.

14. Speaking of iPhone…that god awful blaring alarm sound

15. Getting woken up before you want to.


16. The Stomach Flu. This might top Tuesday.

17. Putting away laundry (or dishes). I have no problem washing or drying, but put it away? No thanks.


19. Justin Bieber.


20. Being sick in general.

21. Automated Phone Services. Me: *clicks 0 as many times as possible until a human answers*

22. Falling for the prank that someone just pulled on you on April Fool’s Day.

23. Long lines.

24. Commercials. Thank You, DVR & Spotify.

25. Pinning a pin to the wrong Pinterest Board.

26. Getting beat at Rock Paper Scissor.

See, don’t you feel better now?  What do you think is worse than April Fool’s Day?

Until next time,



23 thoughts on “26 Things Worse Than April Fool’s Day

  1. Yep Tuesdays have proven to be the worse but still up there with Mondays. I have amoat 300 voicemails, point made. I’m a same side eater with my bf so judge all you want! Don’t care for Google+, have it don’t use it and don’t want to. Yeah if you wake me up before I need to we’re going to have problems. Justin Beiber needs to go back to Canada and never leave, seriously. Happy Hump Day Emily! -Iva

  2. I can relate to so many things about this post.
    1. I also hate April Fools Day & Halloween. I didn’t even like Halloween as a kid…the dressing up in a costume wasn’t for me. I’d never be able to have a career as an actress
    2. Uneven eyeliner…yes! Isn’t it the worst when this happens, esp with your liquid liner and its a bitch to fix it. And its always when I have an important event to go to and I’m running late.
    3. Justin Bieber…okay, I am Canadian and we won’t want him either.

  3. I LOVE this post! So great! And yes, Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week, the stomach flu is the worst, and definitely Justin Beiber. Can’t Canada take him back?!?

    <3, Pamela

  4. I didn’t get to pull any April fools on anyone or be fooled myself (checks calendar to be sure) ditto on the let someone sleep in however lol 🙂

    Thank you for liking my comment at daily post ^^

  5. I am laughing so hard right now but trying not to so I don’t wake my sleeping baby (because a cranky baby would be on my list of 26 things)!
    Besides finding this post because of Google+ I haven’t found anything else good about it so far. I feel like an old cranky lady complaining about “new technology” but seriously Google+ is the most complicated simple thing I have ever come across.
    And laundry! I can’t even get to the putting away part. I don’t mind running it through the loads but somehow folding get’s the best of me, my baskets (yes multiple) are overflowing (literally) with unfolded clean laundry.

  6. Hah! I totally feel you on #2 and #4. When someone leaves me a voicemail I end up texting back half the time anyway (maybe I should feel bad?)! As for Google+ I don’t know what I’m doing so it just frustrates me 😦 I linked it up to my blogger but that’s about all I could handle.

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