Motivation Monday


Happy Monday!

Wellll, I guess I can officially say this is my FIRST blog post! I cannot even begin to explain the emotions I am feeling right now. Every newbie blogger feels this way, right?! AH!

Okay…freak out over [for the moment].

I decided I’d jump on the bandwagon and do a Motivation Monday (because it took a whole lot of motivation to get me here)! And besides, who doesn’t love a catchy phrase to spruce up a boring weekday? So here it is…


This quote really hits home for me. Starting a blog has always been something I wanted to do, and as of late, it has been the ONLY thing on my mind. Like, to the point where I wake up in the middle of the night to wake my boyfriend up to tell him my great ideas (sorry babe). So after months of doing everything except blogging, I finally put my fears aside and went for it. And let me tell you, I am STILL scared as hell about it. But I am excited, and I hope you guys are too!

What is your motivation? Let me know in the comments below

 So keep checking back for my next update! In the meantime, make sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram! 


emily @hlbum


12 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. SO proud of you and so happy for you Emily!! To reply to your question..
    My motivators:
    – my precious boys and husband- I want to be BETTER each day to be the BEST mom/wife I can be
    – my students (former) who create happiness for their lives, no matter the circumstances
    – the people who thought they could bring me down. Their hate and jealousy fuels my fire each day.

    You are amazing and I feel proud to know you!! I loved reading this blog and look forward to MANY more!!
    🙂 Michelle

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